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Florida Auto Insurance


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Its important to keep in mind the four main coverage areas when buying cheap auto insurance. Florida has many insurance companies, laws, and policies regarding auto insurance and there are several other things to consider when choosing the right policy. The four main types of coverage are:

  • comprehensive,
  • collision,
  • liability, and
  • uninsured driver coverage.


Liability Insurance


In addition to protection from a lawsuit, liability insurance is the most important because it protects you in the event of personal injuries or property damage. Also, if your vehicle, or a rental, is totaled due to a collision, or needs repair, liability will cover the costs. However, if you ever want your car repaired or replaced  and you are at fault, then it is a great idea to have collision coverage since liability will not cover these damages.


How much coverage you want should be based on a variety of variables, such as how affordable you need it to be and how much you can afford getting sued in case of an accident.  When looking for Florida car insurance quotes, make sure you know the laws about the minimum amounts of coverage and how much it costs to increase them. Often times, for very little more per month, you can receive a substantial increase in coverage for liability that could save you from financial ruin.


For example, in Florida, the minimum coverage for liability is $10,000 for yourself and $20,000 for anyone else injured in an accident. However, the average cost of accidents is much greater than these minimums, and  can reach $100,000 or more. Just because you have liability does not prevent another driver from suing you for the remaining damages. Also, the minimum liability coverage for damage to another vehicle or property is $20,000. However, if the other driver’s vehicle is worth more than $20,000, you can be held responsible for covering the difference. The liability coverages are set low so that insurance companies can keep their rates low considering all of the other potential damages that can occur to vehicles. But the percentage of your premium that goes towards liability is actually very small, so that increasing it costs much less than you would expect. Having a higher liability protects you from being sued for tens of thousands of dollars for personal injury or property damage, and so many people buy additional coverage for a high amount for only a few dollars more per month, providing them with realistic protection and peace of mind.


Collision and Comprehensive Coverage


Collision insurance will pay for damages regardless of who is at fault, which benefits you whatever the outcome may be. The type of car you own will also determine what amount of coverage options would be the best for your policy, however it is important to remember that collision coverage will not cover you if your vehicle has no resale value. Instead of paying for collision coverage many people are better served by saving for a new car. However, it is still a good idea to keep insurance if your car is old in case you need towing service. If you think there is a chance of your car being stolen, you may want to consider comprehensive coverage. This will also protect you from vandalism, fire, objects blown in the wind, and other additional emergencies. Just make sure that you are aware of what your comprehensive insurance policy does, and does not cover.


We specialize in finding the best coverage when you are thinking you might get car insurance Florida. If you have any questions, we are experts in making sure you know exactly what you are paying for. Why interact with multiple companies and sales reps when you can have all your questions answered and go through one company? Contact us today for a quick and easy comparison of the best rates available for your unique circumstances and find the best price for a fantastic deal on Florida auto insurance.

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